Mud n’ More Mixball

Flexible, Non-Stick Mixing System

Great For Lots of Construction Materials:

  • Quick-setting drywall mud
  • Grout, mortar & cement
  • Mixing texture into paint
  • 2 part epoxy & body filler
  • Plaster & stucco patch
  • Plus many other materials!
  • Flexible, non-stick ball enhances the mixing process
  • Mixes smooth & fast with your drill.
  • Perfect results every time
  • Quick & easy clean-up, wet or dry

Hello! I’m Mike Anderson, the inventor of the Mud n’ More Mixball.

With over 20 years’ experience as a hands-on remodeling contractor, I have used a lot of tools and materials. Many of them work great, a favorite is quick-setting drywall compound. But, it can be a pain to mix and clean. It’s messy, clumpy, and usually starts setting up by the time you get it mixed. I knew there had to be a better way. That’s why I created The Mud n’ More MixBall, the solution to all of these problems!

The patented Mud n’ More MixBall is a flexible, non-stick ball that take the hassle out of mixing dozens of construction materials. This game changing tool enhances the mixing process by increasing speed, productivity and quality like never before!.

Easy to Use!


Amazing product. I highly recommend getting one for anyone who needs to make small batches of mud or grout. It effectively mixes dry materials with little to no mess. No splash, no dust in your face no slop all over the place.

My work includes floor tile, wall tile, sheet rock, and grout repairs. This tool will save me lots and lots of grief.

For any contractor that regularly uses hot mud (5min or 20min) for patches, this is a must. The spatula mixing bit leaves no goobers in the mud, and when you’re done there is no need to clean the ball itself.